Miley Cyrus explains the reasons about delaying her new album

In a place where Rihanna manages to dish out a new album every year, it’s not surprising that Miley Cyrus’s fan are getting frustrated about the “The Last Song” actress not launching a new album like her peers. It’s been over two years, since Miley’s last album, “Can’t Be Tamed” was launched.

However, the former Hannah Montana star promised a lot great things for her forthcoming new album. Miley hinted out that her new album will feature a completely new sound. Earlier, she told Rolling Stone magazine that some of the tracks will have authentic Motown flavor.

Miley said, “”When you’re making a record you never think of what weird direction you’re going to go, but that was something that popped up in a few of the sessions we’ve been working on, and it’s been really fun.”

In addition to saying that she was expecting to release a new single in November, the 20-year-old explained, “It’s just whenever we feel we’ve got that song we feel really confident in being the first single. I’ve got songs right now I feel like could potentially be singles, but it’s been two years that I haven’t said anything, and I want that to be the right thing we say.”

Meanwhile, following an inquiry by one of her eager fans on Twitter regarding the entertainer’s release plans for this week, she tweeted, “Folks! When you write your music and your creating it doesn’t happen over night or on a deadline. You write til your heart is empty then you live your life til you have stories to tell again and then you make ANOTHER record.”

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