Miley Cyrus Features In Rock Mafia’s ‘Morning Sun’

A new song by music producers Rock Mafia entitled Morning Sun featuring recently engaged Miley Cyrus has been released. The demo of the song came out last year but the final version is available now. Rock Mafia decided to give away the song for free and is included in their latest venture, Mixtape Vol. 1. Rock Mafia has also set up a page to download the song.

Although Miley 19, gave back-up vocals for the track, superstar status and fame is enough to make the song an instant hit. Some folks commented on Miley’s auto-tuned sounding but those negative remarks are shot down by her loving fans craving for the latest single.

Speaking of ‘Morning Sun’, the song is getting a lot of attention as Rock Mafia has made it party themed. Beginning with heavy thumping of the bass and it flows into a sexy tone smoothly. The song will surely make crowds hyped to dance and party all night long.

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