Miley Cyrus Feels ‘Weird’ About Spending Xmas in England

As many fans know, Miley Cyrus has been working on her sold-out Wonder World Tour for the last 4 months solid now, first performing a massive run of concerts in America. And earlier last week, she brought the party to England, to finish the final leg of her massive tour.

But to finish the final leg of the Miley Cyrus Tour, she’d have to spend her Christmas in England, instead of her home in Tennessee. The sexy 17-year-old pop star says she is feeling weird and bizarre about this Christmas, as she finds herself out of her normal paradise in the US.

Miley Cyrus is a massive star in the USA, but in England, she has only grown popular over the last 18 months or so, and as such, she is getting anxious and curious towards her Christmas in the UK.

The star said: “It’s a bit weird being in a different country that I’m used to… it’s pretty similar, some things I have become accustomed to… it’s fun, you know, when I first came over here, it was a little while ago when I only had the TV show and my Miley music wasn’t really recognised yet. I feel like in the UK I can be a little bit more like myself.

I think Miley is hinting at the constant media scrutiny she has the deal with in the US, and feels that she’d get a tad less tabloid attention in the UK, where she hopes to find solace and play a normal girl.

Regardless of where Miley Cyrus is spending Christmas, I’m sure she is having a fantastic time with her friends and family all around her, and hey, she’s a 17-year-old pop star with over £25 million in the bank, so life must be good!!!

How are you spending your Christmas holidays this year?

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  1. @Kingsmanward

    Going to see her final concert of the tour in London on Tuesday! Cant wait, i think the ultimate christmas present would be actually meeting her. To be honest though i would probably be so excited i wouldn't be able to get any words out, haha

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