Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Flexible Body On Twitter

Miley Cyrus Twitter photosFollowing Miley Cyrus raunchy new pictures for V magazine released this week, the former Disney star posted some very retro and innocent pictures when she was, well, growing up.

The 20-year-old, “Party in The USA” hitmaker shared two very old photos of herself for her millions of Twitter fans. The first photo shows a very young Miley bending her leg and showing her perfectly pointed toes, while the second one show a grown-up Miley performing the same stint, but this time she’s wearing all body lace suit.

That’s really some impressive flexibility.

The tweet follows mere hours after the singer’s latest V magazine’s provocative photos hit the headlines, which includes a Miley posing bare-chested. This contradicts Miley’s earlier comments where she spoke against the models with their “lack of clothes”.

Miley admitted to ELLE that even though sex sells, a star doesn’t takes off her clothes to be sexy, the star power comes naturally.

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