Miley Cyrus Found in a Smiling Photo shoot Once More…

Miley Cyrus was found in a recent smiling photo shot here at Universal Studios in Universal city, California, reported by They saw her in the studio despite of her busy routine these days. As usual she was wearing her cut black outfit along with her typical black shoes giving the paparazzi cameras a smile showing the symbol of piece. Afterwards she went for her business deals.

Coming in front of the press she told she is definitely looking to begin her new life after the ending of “Hannah Montana”, She added.  She also stated “It’s good to have some rest and to bring some energy back in the life. Although the extreme security all around the show makes feel me like a hostage yet the feeling of moving on the new phase of life makes me happy”. 

She further added that she will surely applause the “Hannah Montana” show adding that “Despite of my urgency which makes me bit hurry in the proceedings, I  will surely appreciate the greatness of the show in term of what it has give to me”

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  1. Anglic Butterfly

    I’m happy for her and the castmates, but….

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