Miley Cyrus ‘Get Ur Good On’ and Win Tickets

Miley Cyrus - Get Ur Good OnOur very own megastar, Miley Cyrus has for the 2nd year running teamed up with ‘Youth Service America‘, and created a campaign which she has named ‘Get UR Good On‘, which she hopes will encourage kids around the world to help make a global change.

Miley Cyrus has setup a website which is designed for people to upload pictures or videos which show you getting involved in the campaign. Miley says she will personally be looking at the videos and pictures people send in, and if your lucky, she’ll announce your name while on the Miley Cyrus Tour.

For the best entries, there are three tickets up for grabs to a Miley Cyrus Concert, aswell as backstage passes to Meet Miley Cyrus after the show.

There are literally hundreds of ways you could get involved. Here are just a few…

  • Tutor a young child and provide homework assistance
  • Cook and/or serve at your local shelter for homeless group
  • Visit, thank and honor wounded troops fighting for our country
  • Learn about and participate in another culture
  • Give blood

There are many more things you could do to get involved. If you do take part in the campaign, be sure to let Miley know at the above website, and email me at, and ill be happy to post your pictures or videos, and write about your efforts on this Miley Cyrus Fansite.

Miley Cyrus – Get UR Good On

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