Miley Cyrus Gets Autobiography at 16

Miley Cyrus - Miles to GoMiley Cyrus, just sixteen years old, is set to release an autobiography in less than 3 months time. I find it hard to believe that a sixteen year old has amassed enough life experiences to write and release an autobiography.

I mean, i know she is a teen megastar, and probably has more life-experience than many other 16 year old kids, but cmon, an autobiography at the tender age of only 16???

I can understand that writing an inspirational book to encourage young children to follow their dreams is probably a good idea, but an autobiography sounds like madness. No doubt it will be one of the biggest-selling celebrity books of the year, and good luck to her but i do find an ‘autobiography’ at such a young age is madness.

Miley Cyrus’s Autobiography ‘Miles To Go’ is set to release March 10th 2009. Click here to buy Miles to Go

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