Miley Cyrus Goes Goth With Red Hair & Leather

Miley Cyrus Red Hair GothI don’t normally post pictures like this, but i have just come across the following two pictures on Flickr.

The first, is what appears to be Miley Cyrus wearing an Indian Culture Dress, with matching head and neck jewellery.

The second picture depicts Miley Cyrus Being Goth. I very much doubt Miley Cyrus would wear or look like this in her day-to-day life, but feel free to correct me if i am wrong…

I am assuming these pictures have been photoshopped, because it’s unlikely Miley Cyrus would be wearing such outfits, and i can quite accurately say this is most certainly NOT part of any 2010 fashion collection carrying Miley Cyrus’ brand.

Miley Cyrus Indian Culture Dress & Goth

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5 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Goes Goth With Red Hair & Leather”

  1. .:selenamia:.

    miley look pretty in the indian culture dress though ;D

  2. NJC

    The goth one is real. In one episode of Hannah Montana she was roled to be a goth. The indian culture dress was photoshopped.

  3. Jenn

    She looks nice being goth.

  4. Miley

    no it’s true punk not on fashion.But she was good at it then or”good”cute or cool? anyway copy pictures??since you wrote it. but i’m pretty?

  5. Neha


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