Miley Cyrus Going to Pilates Class Wearing Sexy Tight Black Dress

Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, 19 is becoming a huge sex symbol in recent years which attracts  a lot of paparazzi 24 hours trying to hunt her down for photographs and celebrity gossips. Today, Miley Cyrus was spotted going to her Pilates class with tight black outfit and a black sunglass.  Also her black bra was visible under the lace of the dress and a converse sneakers was a perfect match to the outfit. In order to escape from paparazzi photographers, Miley Cyrus quickly walked towards her car holding a iPhone and water bottle and quickly drove away. Miley Cyrus pictures could be worth a lot to the media in a sense that her dangerous move towards dressing. Miley Cyrus clothing line is available in different retail store and available to purchase online. Miley Cyrus recently bought the this Mercedes Benz to increase her portfolio of Miley Cyrus car collection. Liam Hemsworth is currently the man who is dating with Miley Cyrus actively although there was a rumour of their split in the middle and story of dating with Avan Jogia.

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