Miley Cyrus has 10 million followers on Twitter

Miley Cyrus has achieved yet another milestone in her life as on Sunday as she had above 10 million Twitter followers who are listening to every word she speaks as well as look at her photos.

While very few stars have managed to achieve such a huge fan base, it’s very impressive for the 19-year-old star as she once closed her Twitter account and then reopened it and the fans have to start over again.

Miley Cyrus Fashion, who was observing the former Hannah Montana star’s Twitter account, sent out tweet on Saturday, “Miley will most definitely hit 10 million followers by tonight!”

Cyrus’s friend was absolutely correct as at the moment, the “The Last Song” singer/actress has surpassed the 10 million fans marks with an exact figure of 10,025,154 followers.

In other news, Miley Cyrus said that she will be returning this week for another episode of “Two and a Half Men”. The entertainer was also recently featured in a DJ Borgore’s, “Decisions” music video.

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