Miley Cyrus Has Swine Flu – Publicity Stunt?

Miley Cyrus Has Swine FluYesterday news started to break all over the Internet that teen sensation Miley Cyrus had contracted the H1N1 Virus, popularly known as Swine Flu.

Last month, Miley Cyrus Ran Off Stage at a tour date in Utah, and subsequently cancelled three concerts due to illness. The official word was that Miley Cyrus Had Strep Throat, and needed to rest. But Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana co-star, Cody Linley claims Miley called him the day after she ran off stage, telling him the diagnosis was swine flu.

Word has it that Cody Linley should never have leaked that kind of information to the public, but he did, and on Thursday claimed that Miley had fully recovered from Swine Flu.

But Miley Cyrus’ publicist has completely denied the rumours that Miley has ever had Swine Flu. On the Ryan Seacrest radio show, co-host Ellen K said Miley’s reps had been in contact with her, and has confirmed that Miley does not have the deadly disease.

So our guess is this whole thing was a publicity stunt. We believe the swine flu rumours were created by Miley Cyrus’ camp in order to drum up more publicity and ticket sales for her Wonder World Tour.

So is this tasteless, or what? Do you think this was a publicity stunt? Leave us a comment…

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2 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Has Swine Flu – Publicity Stunt?”

  1. Ryan

    I don’t think she had swine flu. And there’s better ways to go about getting publicity then pretending to have swine flu. Come on guys, think logically.

  2. Brian

    I think you just had the regular Flu, when people herd that, my little sister that is 6 years old looks up you. you can’t do that, then what? she is going to do the samething!!!!!!!!!!

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