Miley Cyrus has wardrobe malfunction in Chile

Chile is definitely not the place to have a wardrobe malfunction but that is exactly what happened when Miley Cyrus went shopping recently in Santiago, Chile. Miley wore a tank top that seemed to fit too loosely that onlookers saw a lot of cleavage and a little bit of boobs. Cyrus fans were reported to have tweeted pictures of the singer wearing her skimpy wear and they no doubt were appalled by it since Chile is a conservative country not to mention very steep in Catholic traditions. Miley is currently in different parts of South America as part of her “Gypsy Heart” tour, a series of concerts that she hopes to spread love with.


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3 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus has wardrobe malfunction in Chile”

  1. Valentina

    I’m Chilean and we are not a conservative country. Yes, we are catholic, but we don’t care how people dresses. That’s bullshit, Northamericans were talking abour her sideboob, but it was not a new here. You should be more informed.

  2. My dear you should know this.. .. “Chile is viewed as the most conservative country in Latin America “… just do some google search… no harm learning new stuff…

  3. Mily

    I am Chilean and my country is really conservativa. People are 100% Roman Catholic.

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