Miley Cyrus Insult’s Gay People Live on Stage

Miley Cyrus Concert at United Center, Chicago 2009Pop star Miley Cyrus entered into another controversial argument recently as she changed the lyrics of one of her popular songs ‘7 Things’ in a recent Louisville, Kentucky concert while on the Wonder World Tour.

She changed the lyrics from ‘You’re Game’ to ‘You’re gay’.

‘You’re vain
You’re GAY
You’re insecure
You Love me you like her…’

It is unacceptable to use ‘You’re Gay’ as an insult, and it’s particularly disappointing coming from Miley who only recently endorsed marriage equality.

Watch her on stage performance clip in Louisville with the words being altered below:

Miley Cyrus – Your So Vain, Your So Gay

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2 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Insult’s Gay People Live on Stage”

  1. Elmo

    Oooooooooooooooo shes bad now thts not sumin u expect from miley cyrus….oh wait it is shes so bad ass lol jko.0

  2. nadia

    she doesnt mean it like that
    and i dont think she even says gay, i think she says games.

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