Miley Cyrus Is a Short Skirt Cutie at City Wok

Miley Cyrus took a break from her sold-out Wonder World Tour on Thursday to visit her favourite restaurant, City Wok in Studio City.

The Hannah Montana cutie looked sexy in a short black skirt, white t-shirt and toting around a stylish Chanel handbag. She appeared to be in her normal cheerful mood as she enjoyed some downtime from the Miley Cyrus Tour.

In other related news, since Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter, she seems to have started a new trend among celebrities who use the popular social networking site. Lily Allen Quit Twitter yesterday reportedly at the request of her boyfriend.

Rumour has it that her boyfriend Sam Cooper had enough of Allen’s Twitter postings, that he allegedly told her to chose between her Tweets, and his affection. Hours later, her Twitter account was gone.

Click for larger preview.

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5 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Is a Short Skirt Cutie at City Wok”

  1. .:selenamia:.

    yeah, she is soo cute! 😀

  2. John

    Hey, pictures I haven't seen!

  3. Jorny

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  5. Elissa

    😀 Miley Cyrus is just not cute, SHE’S GORGEOUS!

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