Miley Cyrus is Christmas Coffee Cute at Hotel in Manchester, UK

Miley Cyrus was seen keeping warm in a very cold and icy Manchester, England last night holding onto her over-sized black sweater and a Starbucks coffee as she left her hotel.

The sexy 17-year-old singer is currently in England on the final leg of her Wonder World Tour, where she brought her Party to the M.E.N Arena playing to a sold-out audience of 14,000.

Miley Cyrus recently updated the official Miley website about her adventures in Dublin, where she took a stroll through town and did a spot of Christmas shopping. “So…. I just got stick in traffic in front of a soccer field full of HOT Irish soccer players! OH EM GEE! I loooooove Dublin!

Miley Cyrus Leaving Manchester Hotel 2009

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2 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus is Christmas Coffee Cute at Hotel in Manchester, UK”

  1. Livvv. x

    aw, i wanted to go and see her tonight, found really good tickets, but was tooo expensive

    MILEY! <3

  2. bethany

    omg i went to se her at the MEN she was amazing . i totaly loved it when she came through the crowed on her motobike .it was all so good


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