Miley Cyrus Is Dead Rumours Surfacing… Again!!!

Miley Cyrus DeadIf there is one thing that is great about the Internet, it’s the ability to spread news, fast! And the latest piece of gossip which is spreading across the Internet faster than wildfires, is that Miley Cyrus Is Dead.

The latest death hoax is yet another sad attempt to use Twitter and Facebook to spread the false rumours. That’s right, FALSE rumours. Miley Cyrus is NOT dead.

According to the latest rumours, Miley Cyrus is dead as a result of a car accident involving a large truck.

This isn’t the first time that Miley Cyrus was said to be dead. Back when news was breaking of Michael Jackson’s death a few months ago, a similar rumour was spread a few days later that Cyrus was also dead. Other examples at the time included Kanye West and Britney Spears.

The latest fake report created by pranksters claiming that the Hannah Montana star was dead were proved to be wrong as Miley Cyrus turned up for her latest gig in her Wonder World Tour last night.

CNN and FOX News have also confirmed with Miley’s publicist that the star is alive and well…. Case closed.

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