Miley Cyrus is Disney Artist Top Earner

Miley Cyrus has been named the top earner out of all the past and present Disney actors. It is reported that Miley has earned a stunning $344,050 last year for her singing performances. The Jonas Brothers who made $222,500 followed Miley on the list. “High School Musicial” actress and singer Ashley Tisdale and “Lizzie McQuire” star Hilary Duff’s earnings were both in the $70,000. Vanessa Hudgens made $65,000 while “Wizard of Waverly Place” actress Selena Gomez earned $35,000. Miley’s fellow co-star Emily Osment rounded up the list; she only made $6,000. While no one knows what these figures represent, there is speculation that it could be a combination of ticket sales from concerts.

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