Miley Cyrus Is Focused Only On Her Music Alone

miley cyrusApparently, Miley Cyrus won’t let those nonsense split up rumors ruin her mood. In fact, the former Hannah Montana star channeling all of her vibrant energy into her main passion, music.

On Wednesday, Mar. 20, the 20-year-old posted on Twitter that she’s focused on music and music alone, in bold capital letters, which we assume that she really meant it.

And despite all those break up rumors surrounding her relationship with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, 23, is past weeks, where Liam travelled to his native Australia alone and appearing in a promotional campaign in the Philippines, a source told E! News, even though the couple has some differences, they do love each other very much and they really want to work out their issues.

We hope they will. At this moment, Miley is just focusing on her new upcoming album.

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