Miley Cyrus Is on Smokes Again, But This Time It’s An Electronic Cigarette

Miley Cyrus is spotted smoking again but this time its electronic rather that the tobacco one. Solar Cigarette, the maker of the electronic cigarette suggested this to her to keep her away from the cancer sticks.

The 19 year old hit the headlines when she got engaged with The Hunger Games actor and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth last month. But that’s not all, she was seen smoking with a friend again a few days later, as reported by So to keep Miley from getting cancer advised her to smoke electronic cigarettes.

To get back in shape Miley Cyrus has been rigorously attending daily Pilates lessons and on gluten-free diet and quit smoking. But all of this could go up in smoke if she starts taking those carcinogen laden cigarettes. And Solar Cigarettes agreed to that.
Withdrawal from smoking is an immensely difficult process and to address that Solar Cigarettes developed the electronic cigarettes to help consumers get that smoking sensation without having to puff those tobacco laden cigs. As the electronic cigarette feels and works like a real one urge to smoke an original cigarette is quenched without putting one’s health in jeopardy. As the E-Cig has no tobacco it doesn’t produces harmful smoke and this prevent the smokers and non-smoker from inhaling carcinogens that cause illness like asthma, lung and throat cancers.
Solar Cigarettes, assures that its E-Cigs brands are one of the best in the market and truly believes that it can provide a healthier, safe and a satisfying smoking pleasure.

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