Miley Cyrus Joins The War Against Breast Cancer and Supports City of Hope

Celebrities have always been known to be associated with charities and various other associations. October marks the month of Breast Cancer Awareness and this year Miley Cyrus has taken it very seriously to be associated for this cause. She has decided to do more than just wear a pink ribbon to show her support for this cause.

City of Hope is an organization which promotes research, education and treatment of breast cancer.Miley Cyrus has signed up with Sharpie and she will now sign autographs with a pink Sharpie to promote this Breast Cancer Awareness.

Miley Cyrus plans to sign as many autographs as possible so that she can raise enough money for the City of Hope. She also plans to donate some of her personal things so that she can raise enough money for this noble cause.

City of Hope plans to use every penny donated to treat, research and create awareness among the general public. Cancer has been a major cause of death in many countries and about 40,000 women are victims of breast cancer annually. This noble gesture by Miley Cyrus will truly benefit a lot of women.

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