Miley Cyrus Latest Clash with a Paparazzi Watch The Video

Looks like Miley Cyrus is currently under serious surveillance under paparazzi that they don’t even care driving dangerously on the street just track her latest move. Yesterday Miley Cyrus spotted with her BMW around El Lay where she had a clash with a paparazzi taking her photographs and following her all the way.

At one point, Miley had come out and told the paparazzi to stop following her. Miley Cyrus also warned him about driving dangerously and not to follow her any more. The paparazzi also said to Miley Cyrus that “It’s crazy to leave you” and he asked Miley whether she will go for an ice cream or not.

Miley looked very upset and agree at the scene but the way she handled the paparazzi I think that’s really brave and professional.

Watch the full video of Miley Cyrus clash with paparazzi at El Lay. Enjoy!!  

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