Miley Cyrus Left Angered After A Restaurant Tip Clash

Miley Cyrus Tip ClashMiley Cyrus was left angered last night after staff at a restaurant she recently visited reported she failed to leave them a tip.

The 16-year-old multi-millionaire, who reportedly earned $25 million last year, spent nearly $70 on food for herself and her sister at the ‘Outback Steakhouse’ in NYC, but failed to leave the waitors a tip when paying for her food.

A source from the restaurant said: “She pulled an envelope of money out and handed a $100 note over, but she kept all the change.

Excuse me if i am wrong here guys, but isn’t leaving tips optional? Since when was it compulsory to leave a tip to waiting staff at a restaurant?

Miley Cyrus’ publicist issued a statement over the issue last night, insisting the Hannah Montana star made a genuine mistake in failing to leave a tip for staff. The spokesman said: “Miley didn’t know she was supposed to tip unless she was eating inside.

In related news, following the news last week that Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter, and her Rap About Leaving, she has urged her fans to follow her lead, and stop using the Internet so much.

She said: “This isn’t a personal attack on Twitter. It is not the only thing I am cutting back on. I just think kids all over the world could maybe take a little vacation from Cyberspace.

So what do you think guys? Was Miley within her right to not leave a tip to waiting staff? Is leaving a tip for staff compulsory in America?

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2 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Left Angered After A Restaurant Tip Clash”

  1. Robi

    i don’t know how it works in america but i work in a restaurant here in Italy and i can tell that the 80% of the people don’t leave a tip when they pay the check!
    It’s not a big deal to me at all! i don’t know why media have to attack miley this way… it’s not fair and i know girls even younger than her who act more more worst and nobody care

  2. Joey

    I agree that leaving a tip is up to the individual who is receiving the service. However, in today's world a multi-millionaire celebrity like Miley should leave a tip if there were no issues with the service she received because she should realize that word will get around that she didn't leave a tip. The pay for waiters/waitresses is $3.27 per hour plus whatever they earn it tips from the service they provide to their customers. On the $70.00 check that Miley received she should have left a 15% tip which would have been $10.50. Perhaps it was an honest mistake or maybe she doesn't go out to eat often enough to realize that a tip is a nice way of saying thank you to the server for delivering the food and drinks as ordered. Perhaps she needs more education on how things run in our world. Hopefully she will go back to the restaurant and give her server a proper tip and an apology. Also, I hope she has learned from this. Let's face it, if Miley was a waitress, wouldn't she expect to receive a tip for providing good service if she relied on tip money to pay rent and other bills ?

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