Miley Cyrus: ‘Let Fuzzy Die, I’m not returning to Twitter!’

Miley Cyrus Save Fuzzy The CatTwelve days to go until Fuzzy will clearly be executed. Why? In an interview on Halloween night, Miley Cyrus was asked about Twitter saying there is “some crazy cat lady” and “she is not getting back on Twitter.

If you haven’t already heard, a fan of Miley’s is threatening to kill, cook, and eat their cat if Miley does not return to Twitter by November 16, 2009 at 10:00 pm Eastern.

There is an entire website and Twitter page for this crazy cause. No one is quite sure who the individual is, but it is speculated that the individual does live in the United States due to setting an eastern time zone deadline.

PETA and The Humane Society have been contacted. Unfortunately, since no actual crime has been commited at this point, they are unable to step in. There are Twitter sites and also a petition site to help save Fuzzy.

What do you think guys and gals? Should Miley Cyrus return to Twitter to save Fuzzy? Is this crazy cat woman, well, crazy? Leave us a comment below…

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10 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus: ‘Let Fuzzy Die, I’m not returning to Twitter!’”

  1. Gabriella Alexandra

    I'm a very strict vegetarian nad a huge huge HUGE Miley Cyrus fan, I'm like amazed by her. I loveeeee her so so so much 🙂 <3 But this woman is crazy, it isn't Miley's fault if she does this, it's the sick woman's :/ So PETA should talk to her and stop slagging Miley off, she loves animals and probally thinks this crazy woman is joking and threatening her, she may think she won't even kill her cat. Who would do such an inhumane thing? 😐 Leave Miley alone okay? If she doesn't want to go on Twitter and have her privacy invaded, it's her choice. I love her no matter what 🙂 >3

  2. @Kingsmanward

    Yeah i think shes crazy

  3. @Kingsmanward

    And by the way, referring to the title, i don't think she actually said "Let fuzzy die"

  4. natalie

    tat person should just get over it im over it and tats not nice being mean to a cat i will report her

  5. lozzy

    i think miley should return not only cose im a huge fan but beause of poor fuzzy!!
    if i had a cat i would so go back on twitter if someone would kill him/her
    plz miley if u read this plz go back on twitter not just for us but for poor fuzzy!!!

  6. Eliana

    i dont beleive it. cats are so awesomtastical! i have three. nobody would do that unless they were stupid, mean, and dont have a life.

  7. Eliana

    miley and her cat rocks. that person who said that is stupid!

  8. some dude

    this is soooo retarded
    why is everyone taking this seriously?
    how will they get her cat and kill it?
    its a bunch of 10 year olds with computers who are bored
    no cat died there all retards and hypocrits

  9. I hate miley

    I aint no vegetarian hippie
    and i aint no treehugger
    and basically what im saying is i aint a damn dirty muffin head gay supportin liberal!
    but i love animals! i hate miley!
    no i dont have a point

  10. I hate miley

    oh and i hate cats so let it die
    my dog killed the next door cat

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