Miley Cyrus now BANNED From China

miley cyrus banned china As we reported earlier this week, another controversial Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal has surfaced on the Internet. She and a group of friends appear in a photo where they seem to be pulling their eyes slanted as if to be racist against Asians.

More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon, with wordpress reporting thousands of blog posts and news stories released on the issue, but now the scandal has been taken to a whole new level. As Asian American groups are calling for an apology, the Chinese Government have taken a stand by BANNING Miley Cyrus from their country.

The ban will in mean Miley Cyrus will not be aloud into China. Disney wont be happy because China has also banned any broadcast of her TV show Hannah Montana, all films and merchandise sales with immediate effect. The ban is currently indefinite.

Foreign minister Yang Jiechi has stated, “Miss Cyrus has made it clear she is no friend of China or anyone of East Asian descent. We have no interest in further polluting our children’s minds with her American ignorance.”

Meanwhile an anonymous source has said that Miley Cyrus planned on flying to Beijing to perform for the Premier’s children in hopes of persuading him to lift the ban.

Personally, and in my opinion, i think the media are making too much of a big deal about this. Yes what she did was probably not in her best interest, but i don’t believe she was purposely being racist. She was just messing about with friends. Only problem for her is she lives in the public eye, so such a photo is going to be jumped on by everybody.

What do you guys think? Is she racist or is this just a prank gone wrong?


  1. .:selenamia:. says:

    i dun know

  2. Tayler says:

    I think that it is racist. Miley needs to just not be on ny Disney, abliously she wants to be grown. Give her a show on MTV or somethinfg . She can't sing anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nyjil says:

    ur so rude t u need to be banned from africawe dnt toilerate rudeness

  4. kiefer says:

    shut up can you all say u have never been racist in your whole life even on accident.she was with friends and probably did not mean for this to go farther then her and her friends so let it go.>

  5. tayler says:

    shut up mister nobpdy asked you

  6. you guys are so fucking stupid. my god everyone in my school should be banned then cry

  7. mrs.perfect says:

    miley sucks and she's fugly.she should be banned everywhere

  8. tikoOo says:

    Miley rocks !!!! I don't care what chinese thinkin' 'bout miley !!! i'm not chinese so I don't care !!!! i love miley and shut up guys !!!! if you don't like milez so just go away !!!!!!!!
    silly hatersss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I LOVE MILEY says:

    Miley is not racist, everyone does asian faces cause its cute.
    miley is amazing, and shes an amazing singer and all of you jealous freaks, get out!

  10. This is ridiculous, I’m Japanese and I’m still a big fan! She was just messing round…

  11. Owned.

  12. Pwned.

  13. Slekwati says:

    As an idol for little girls everywhere, she thas the right to behave properly. It’s only saying to kids that it’s ok to do such things. True, it may have been a joke taken out of context, but all the same, a joke about anyone’s religion, apperance or race is one too far. Cyrus knows she’s under the limelight, as do all celebrities. Take the Jade Goody ordeal with Shilpa Shetti (spelling?). What was a joke became an outrage, offending a whole nation of people. Cyrus should be ashamed.

  14. " i'm not chinese so I don't care !!!!"…yeah well people who ARE Chinese probably do. Plus she should have saw it coming cuz everyone gonna say SOMETHING when she does everything.

  15. Lolwut(: says:

    I m going to have to agree with the person above and to add on. How would you feel if Miley were to do something offensive towards your ethnicity despite being it intentionally or not. ll feel pretty shitty as the rest of us do. So do us a favor and think beforehand.

  16. SlovakiaLostROFL says:

    Obviously she's still an adolescence and having a good time, and it was stated with friends as well. It is racial, but I believe that people are making a big deal out of this. If she really was racist, then I'd love to see her with a choklit face, and some brown skin.

    Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri, Funkmasta Flex, Lovebug Starsky

  17. Growup says:

    "Miley is not racist, everyone does asian faces cause its cute.
    miley is amazing, and shes an amazing singer and all of you jealous freaks, get out! "

    What the hell is this? That's one of the dumbest things l've ever read. You're obviously missing a chromosome. It's views like this that allow people to get away with varying degrees of racism. The Chinese people are rightly offended. Miley needs to publicly apologize and grow up.

  18. @ImprintedDoll says:

    That's BS. She was just having fun with friends. Doesn't mean she is racist.

  19. slekwati says:

    Having fun with friends and making a racist slur that offends people of all races everywhere (as I'm sure not only the Chinese government were angry) are two different things. She knows she's a superstar – responsibitly comes with it.

  20. luvs ya says:

    shut up u racist dick im black and ur comment is ofending u shuld grow up u stupid gay wad

  21. Jimmeh says:

    To all who goes
    "She's only having fun and shes not racist"

    Yeah, so since I'm going to have "Fun" all black people are stupid dumb and useless. All they do is sniff crack and sell drugs.

    Okay tell me that statement is not racist at all? But according to you "it wouldn't matter because I'm having "fun"" Just like how black people will get offended so will the Chinese. Her prank her problem. Chinese people don't like to joke around.

  22. George W.Bush says:

    This is fucking epic. Her fault for being a racist hoe

  23. #1 Faggot :D says:

    She did it and knew what she was exactly doing. Its her fault for doing that and now she cant go to china anymore. LOL serves her rite. No offense but with her eyes like that she looks like some blind chick walking around in the middle of the night in a dark alley.

  24. Krazy kate says:

    wow i do that shes not racist

  25. Krystal Lee says:

    Miley Cyrus is racist. She doesn't like asians! What a ugh.

  26. Female Hustla says:

    How could she do that? ):

  27. Truth says:

    I think she should be fucking shot.

  28. hummer says:

    China is lucky.

  29. im not really a fan of miley cirus but i think they took it to far and she didnt mean to be racis

  30. Ani Lo Ochevet Miley says:

    yea, that means your racist too. Congrats. You may not see it as being racist, but it is to asians. Like think about your nationality or religion or whatever, it doesnt feel good when people joke about it. As a Jew and being Middle Eastern i can definitely relate to racism, and people may not realize it but it really does hurt when people even joke about me being cheap, greedy or a terrorist. So put yourself in their shoes. It may have gone a bit too far, what with banning her and all, but hey! lucky for China.

  31. miley cyrus-fucking bitch who cant sing

  32. Jessica Hates Miley says:

    i hate miley cyrus. china is lucky and i think she should be banned everywhere.

  33. Jerry Paris says:

    good. serves her right. i hate her.

  34. Thank goodness... says:

    Miley Cyrus epitomizes the stereotype of a skank. Not only is she a horrible influence on upcoming generations, she can neither act nor sing well. I shudder to think of preteens wearing miniskirts and makeup, and trying to seduce boys by wearing low-cut shirts they can't fill out yet.
    I, personally, am extremely glad that China has banned her. Now if only America could ban her from "polluting our children's minds with her American ignorance"! Pity she's a citizen….

  35. You nincompoop says:

    How in the world does your reply have anything to do with that post? Calling people out for reverse discrimination doesn't work for everything, you know. Now please stop making your race look bad and become articulate.

  36. i laugh at how i make those asian slanting eyes, and im asian anyway

    i hate miley though

  37. Hah! EVERYONE has done something like this (maybe not the eye thing) but they have done something to make fun of another race. This is BS and stupid. Why don't all people be banned for going to other foreign countries?

  38. miley cyrus says:

    how are u

  39. MelissaEffinHotchner says:

    LMAO!! Agreed.

  40. whocares says:

    Who cares!? That's what the first amendment is for…so stupid funny faces like that can't get blown out of proportion.


  42. Juls 34 says:

    I love Miley Cyrus… she was just haging out with friends get over it… She was even in the pic with am asian dude like wtf!!! get over it … shes the best

  43. Alex Hill says:

    It’s not easy if you come under racism. Sometime you have to be carefull with this.

  44. abbadaba says:

    she deserves what she gets, she isn’t superior to anyone! and she thinks she is so she needs to get in trouble and China is lucky I wish America would ban her, she’s worse the britney spears, she acts like a 27 yr old slut with no intelligence what so ever. She gets what she deserves and Karma is a bitch in my opinion. She doesnt nothing good, and I feel very sorry for the parents who have to deal with their children who look up to such a discusting slutty 17 yr old child. No good can come from that she just needs to stop all together. She makes fun of people, tells everyone to worry about how they raise their kids and not how her dad and mom raise her, she’s a self centered egotistical bitch and it will come back around on her. Good for you China!

  45. Anglic Butterfly says:

    This Asian thing is stupid, they blew it out of proportion, they need to leave my girl alone. She’s different, sweet and spicey I think Miley’s awesome, and we all do faces and jokes so what’s the big freakin deal. I don’t believe anything that’s said from other sources in less it’s from her. Asian people get over it, let it go.

  46. mrs.bieber says:

    miley is a hoe and is stupid

  47. samantha says:

    The amount of young, and older, people that are racist, in far worse ways than Miley, is ridiculous. It’s just unfortunate that every one of her actions is watched by millions. Otherwise this would just have been another one of those things.

  48. BriitJonas_X says:

    Come on guys! Miley is an amazing singer, and she wasn’t being delibratly racist. Gosh, she was just pulling funny faces. If u read her book, she is so nice, and besides, she wasn’t exactly making fun of Chinese, she was just goofing around. You guys are just so jelous because she is famous and made something from herself. You might be the racist people. So just think about it. AND DON’T SWEAR AT ME!!!!!!!1

  49. BriitJonas_X says:

    BTW, go Anglic Butterfly, at least u understand

  50. You Saltines make me laugh. Always attempting to cover for your own. The little girl was wrong, and I’m glad she’s banned. “Polluting our children minds with American ignorance” CLASSIC!

  51. MILEYSUCKS says:

    HAHA miley deserves it.
    stupid fucking racist ass bitch. go china!

  52. hannah says:

    I dont think she was beign racist. I do that slanted eye stuff to tell the truth I love the asian eye I wish to have a child with such eye it cute. So if I am caught doing it its just for the fun of it not because I want to mock east asians

  53. sherri says:

    Maybe she is racist, but why is there so much hate? Talk about being a bad influence, some of you are publicly hating a person you don’t personally know. I just can’t believe how much hate there is out there and most of this hate is not stemming from her so called racist actions. What a pity. I’m ashamed for you.

  54. XD LOL says:

    WOW UR SO RACIST! I THINK Obama should do something bout famous people doing these kind of stuff that are so fucking stupid then they get banned from sitting on a chair. srsly ban her from this state! BE GONE!

  55. Bethany says:

    i dont care what the chinese think, i know she isnt racist and she wouldnt ever be.
    and i think that everyone who hates her should stop hateing her because she is awesome xxxxxx
    Love From Bethany xxxxx

  56. Bethany says:

    why dont you stop being horrible and get over it-you dont like her!! WOW

  57. Bethany says:

    what ever POSER mrs.bieber

  58. Bethany says:

    shut up you wierd person – uuif you dont like her thats fine – but GET OVER IT!! aiiee

  59. Bethany says:

    truth – well i think you should be HAHA

  60. Bethany says:


  61. Bethany says:

    yey! someone i agree with

  62. OMG Miley, what have u done?? Seriously you are suppose to be a good role model for children on Disney and this is what you do?! Sure ppl do racial like things like this all the time but you are a star u should kno better than to make asian like eyes in a photo. What is wrong with u??? GROWN UP!!!!

  63. me and my friends do that all the time. calling me and friends racist . is the minster going to banmy friends me from china. that makes no sense banning someone who just having fun with her friends. y didnt any of her friends in the pic get banned from china there all doing the same thing? joe jonas did the same thing. y isnt he getting banned from china? joe jonas pic

  64. ;kljasdf says:

    if you all didnt notice, they spelled “allowed” as “aloud”. this is fake.

  65. Shane says:

    To be honest, I think the media are making a mountain out of a molehill…

  66. ha miley is a bitch i wanna move to china just to get away from that slut and her “i cant be tamed” attitude! miley is a racist ok! i want her to rot in hell!

  67. faerchfan says:

    F*** you Miley! Ban her from the US too, cos I dont wanna see her face!

  68. Lalala says:

    Poseur has an u

  69. You guys need to lighten up, I mean lots of people have done what she did in those pictures. It’s posting comments like you ignorant people do that make a situation blow out of proportion, get over yourselves. <3

  70. Hater says:

    F**K MILEY CYRUS! I wish US would ban her so we all could gain back our intelligence.
    She needs to go hide in a hole and stay there forever. China did the smartest thing any country could ever do.

    However, i’m sure she wasn’t being purposely racist, but it is still wrong to joke about another race. She needs to get on her knees and apologize. AND STOP BEING SUCH A GODDAMN SCREW UP!!!

  71. Meoww says:

    Yeah who cares but I am glad they banned her. She is annoying and she has done much more worse things than that. I doubt the Chinese care. They do that with their eyes all the time [lol…] Yeah they probably don’t care. They just wanted to find a reason to ban her from their country and the perfect one was to call her racist. Plus there was an Asian in the picture. (well he looked Asian) They should ban her in the country she came from.

  72. muhannad says:

    they should even band her from the world. FUCK YOU MILEY CYRUS!!!

  73. ANTI CYRUS says:


  74. Mileyroxmahsox says:

    Guys look in the whole pic! She’s with a asian she was messing around i bet ALL OF U have done that so stop saying all this stuff about her

  75. I used to be a HUGE fan but now Miley is just a slut and she REALLY needs to clean up her act.

  76. Miley Cyrus Is A Shame!
    Ban Her From The US!
    Hell, Ban Her From The World!

  77. You’re An idiot And Need TO Rot In hell.

  78. No it Doesn’t.
    ha, FAIL.

  79. pooponastick says:

    at first i thought this whole article was a joke turns out it wasnt!!! wow that just made my day!!! listen this is what we should do, BAN HER FROM ANY WHERE BUT HELL!!

  80. friend says:

    Miley, God doesn’t like that.:(

  81. Shukzz says:

    I actually kinda hate her or strongly dislike her, either way, ME NO LIKE MILEY, but BANNING HER FROM CHINA? Come on that’s a bit much, she should just apologize and get the stupid thing lifted and be more careful… She knows she’s in the public, she shouldn’t take pics like that, but maybe demanding an apology is less extreme than banning her from an ENTIRE COUNTRY!!!

  82. Concerned says:

    Although I do believe that banning her from the country for the obviously racist gesture is a bit much, I don’t disagree with China’s desire to ban Miley Cyrus and her products from their country. I personally do not allow my children to watch her show because of the attitude that not only she as a person, but also her character on the show has. She is not a good role model for children whether it be because of her constant, rude sarcasm, her many provocative acts, or the manner in which she jokes with her friends. If China has the sense to keep this bad impression on their children out of the country, then I applaud them for it.

  83. Ban her from the usa i lose brain cells everytime i flip through the tv channles and see her show

  84. It was her just messing around. All she did was make a face. Now a country is banning her. What the hell. Many people around the world make that face. People take things way out of proportion you all need to grow up.

  85. Very opinionated says:

    I think this is hilarious. shes an idiot for not knowing that EVERYTHING SHE DOES the whole world finds out about. She is ignorant for thinking otherwise. If she doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t be famous.

  86. Frankie says:

    Oh for Gods sake. The media are just…
    Miley Cyrus, I thought that you were a good girl. now your a good girl gone bad.

  87. XD LOL says:

    the chinese made a decision and they thought it was racist. respect their decision.

  88. Why do u want to know, Pedo! says:

    Wow, and i thoght Lindsay Lohan’s 90 day jail sentence was suprisisng. Though I admit banning her from China was kinda harsh, I mean i know alot off people who have done that and they dont get banned from China. But then again you’d think that a girl like her who GETS PAID a whopping amount from disney just to behave herself (not joking), would understand not to do such offending and stereotypical acts like this.

  89. Samiooooooo(: says:

    Every One Makes Mistakes, And Funny Faces.

  90. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    we all agree every1 should move on its a mestake we all make mastakes!:) xxx

  91. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    i no she made a mastake but she dus not deserve all of this hassel! people r just being stupid! :) xxx

  92. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    we r with u Bethany she is class and dus not deserve all of the hassel she is gettin! :) xxx
    little sweetie! :) xxxxxx

  93. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    shut ur face her dad helps her and he has great music so dus miley1 :) xxx
    little sweeties! :)xxx

  94. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    respect – u must b joken! :(
    ur such an ****** LOL! get a life! r u human or THICK AS!

  95. XD LOL says:

    u no miley just cause yo famous dont mean ya gotta act like a total jack ass. and too all the miley lovers why dont u leave us haters alone and respect our damn opinions. for the mayors sake. cause i bet that you bad comment on other celeberties too. ya buncha nuisances. ( not the miley haters)

  96. girl fan name pam says:

    give the girl some room she didnt mean it she was maaybe messing around you asian people dont ban her

  97. jennipher says:


  98. Neutral says:

    …Am I the only one who found Miley Cyrus being banned from China really hilarious? xD

  99. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    u lot who think miley is stupid anuf 2 be arases 2 china peeps ur so like, ummmm……..
    out of ur mind! okkaaayyyy, if we hav 2 explain as u need us 2, miley made a mestake okay? we all make mestkakes! miley might just b havin a littl joke & mayb didn’t meen 2 express it like vat & mayb got out of hand a littl. if no1 undastands ven u hav got a serious issue mi friends!
    Littl Sweeties! :) xxx

  100. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    If no1 is a fan or luva of miley ven y hav a member name 2 chat on v message board???
    It’s a littl or mayb very dum don’t u think!!! :)

  101. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227 says:

    we r massiv miey fans & if any1 wants 2 write PLEASE do!

    XXX :):):)THANKS! :):):)XXX

  102. Sgt.Frog says:

    Wow. China is so smart! I wish the United States could do that, ban Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is a bad role model. She deserved it for being racist. I hope all Asia bans Miley Cyrus. Nobody likes her anymore. But I feel kinda’ bad for Billy Ray Cyrus. Knowing everyone hates his daughter and what not. God doesn’t like that, Miley. Shame on you.

  103. babdbdbd says:

    man i am so happy. they should now slay miley cyrus and if they dont think sso at least bill her over milion doollars just for being alive.all of her family is an ass to.

  104. Justin says:

    you know alll you bitches down there are RETARDS! if you dont like miley why would you even be on this site commenting about it! dumb fucking losers!!!! i bet EVERY FUCKING SINGLE on of you have done that face. because i know i have! sooo get a life and stop going on sites about a person you hate. my NO LIFE DETECTER is going off to every single person who left a bad comment! she is 17 and she is a teen just like everybody else! she was CLEARLY messing around with friends! soo you people should stop hating on Miley! but everybody understands that justin bieber is a normal kid, why cant they do the same for miley! and i can go on and on! but i not going to because i dont waste my time on LOSERS! soo all i have to say is those chinease people are dumb for Banning her, and I LOVE MILEY CYRUS always and forever!

  105. I don’t think it’s really a reason TO BAN her, but that quote by Mr. Yang was put perfectly. Honestly, she doesn’t deserve to be on a pedestal, and I can see where they’d be insulted. It’s like having a normal African American in your photo while you are wearing “bling” and making the peace sign. It’s just SILLY. Why would you do that? All cultures should be respected.

  106. Jesteraven says:

    Holy crap just ban her from the usa too! I dont think she was trying to be racist but i sure as hell DON’T CARE. she is a slut and my ears bleed every time i hear her sing.

  107. she should get banned from the whole planet and be forced to live on venus because its cruel to the Mars Rover to make her live there! Come on Miley get with the planet everyone hated you and then BAM! you took it to a whole new level with Can’t be Tamed. What are you saying? That Morals or Religion wont tame you. that youll have sex too young and have kids before your 20?? your the next Lindsay Lohan WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I don’t like Miley Cyrus, but people are making too much fuss over the photo.. For goodness sakes her friend in font of her is Asian and the rest are making other stupid faces. I love Asians and I would make the same goofy face for a photo.

  109. natalie says:

    im happy. i would like to live in china. now only if they would ban justin beiber…

  110. I think this is totally hilarious. I think she should be banned world-wide. At least one country has sense.

    I think we should all follow in their footsteps.

  111. Myself says:

    ..Wow. Seriously? What’s up with this talk of killing and slaying in some of the comments? I don’t necessarily like her, but I wouldn’t go so far as wish death upon another. What makes some of you think that that sort of thing is okay? You’re condemning her for doing something that she really shouldn’t have done but, let’s face it, many of us probably have at some point in our lives. Yet, you call for something far more radical and that’s.. okay? As stated, I don’t care much for Miley, but I don’t hate her either. I don’t know her, I haven’t met her. All I have to go by is the media, and I’d rather form opinions about someone myself. While all cultures should be respected, I believe that Miley was just goofing off with no intention of being offensive even though that’s the unfortunate consequence. Everyone is overreacting about it.

  112. holli says:

    As much as I hate Miley Cyrus, I think the whole situation is blown way out of proportion.
    I don’t think she’s necessarily being racist. I’m sure Asians have “racist” things that they think and do against Americans. Should we ban a Chinese person from The United States for posing for a picture in a fat suit and eating McDonalds burgers? I think China has taken this picture a little too harshly. The entire ordeal is ridiculous.
    This picture shouldn’t be a reason to get banned from anywhere. I’m surprised they have banned her because of this picture and not one of her nudes, where I believe she’s less of a role model than this silly picture.

  113. Emily . says:

    Thaat’s actually pretty fucked up … Banned her for doing those eyes ?. A bunch of people do that it’s not just her I’m sure preppy boy Justin Bieber has done it .. Jeez give her a breakk .. People Make mistakes even though that wasn’t really a mistake .. That’s ridiculous and fucking messed .

  114. Are you Chinese? Because to me, I find it really offensive. Maybe you wouldn’t understand it as much as we do. In fact, to us, most Americans are blonde haired and blue eyed.

  115. kooldawg. says:

    its a bit far dont you think, everyone makes fun of asians duhhhh. china, GET OVER IT :)

  116. But she has done stuff that leaves bad impression to most of us. We need to grow up? She needs to more than we do. She knows she’s a public figure and she still does this and many other bad stuff. If someone like jordin sparks? Or beyonce (not likely) did this, we surely know their drunk and messin’ around. It’s like a mirror, our trust for her has been broken, and even if she donated gazillion amounts of money to some charities, people still remember what she had done wrong. Well unless she sacrificed her life for some people then maybe. o.o But well, not likely. But I am not saying it never will.
    And, what makes you others think that everyone has done that face, some people are just matured enough to know that is rude. If they did it when they were like, 6 , people will just think they are learning from older kids or their parents did not teach them well.

  117. Nicole.. says:

    I think that this is just a simple teenage behavior being blown out of the water.
    That’s stupid..

  118. HAHAHAHAHA my family’s home country just banned the probably most loved star by 6 year-olds in the world!!! Suck my d*ck b*tch! Or, suck my dad’s or brother’s because I’m a girl. AWKWARD.

  119. you're a faggot says:

    it’s funny how you say he has no life for calmly expressing his opinion, when you lash out like a little 12 year old girl, and you spend all day on this board telling people to get a life, i’ve seen at least 5 posts from you so far. fucking nerd

  120. you're a faggot says:

    i love people who make huge posts on the internet and tell others to get a life

  121. ashley says:

    does miley know, like eventually the whole world is gonna hate her? shes gonna end up like lindsay lohan is now. miley’s a slut, her parents should be ashamed.

  122. chris says:

    some ppl r soooo stupid
    i can pull my eyes like that and that isnt bad
    the only reason tgeir making a bigdeal of this is cuz shes famous

    and some idiots dont like her

    oh yea
    i read that comment that insulted cant be tamedd
    and im telling u dont bad talk miley
    im here to stell ya and to all u miley haters im here to tell u to go to hell
    cuz im a brat like that

  123. chris says:

    thx so much for posting that
    some ppl r so dumb
    like relly they need a life
    i dont like justin beiber
    i dont go on sires about him sayong bad stuff
    i dont say anything about him

    miley gaga and ke$ha for eva

  124. Sammy says:

    GO CHINA 😀 I think I know where I’m going to live in the future.

  125. marina says:


  126. marina says:

    don’t be a stupid little bitch “chris”. Clearly there’s a reason behind banning her, so go cry me a fucking river :)

  127. marina says:

    who gives a shit, she’s being banned 😀

  128. marina says:

    he wasn’t defending you you dumb bitch.

  129. marina says:

    get a life you senseless miley whore

  130. danielle says:

    okay dude seriously. im not asian but what she did was like..dude what the eff. i get it she was prbly being silly or whatever but theres a time when you just have to be rational and think about what you’re doing and if it could hurt anyone else. its just stupid, shes a celebrity. she knows people watch her every move. i mean you have to be totally ignorant to slip up and make this many mistakes and not learn from them. yeah no ones perfect, but i dont find myself making fun of someones appearance or race just to be silly. like honestly miley. THINK.

  131. danielle says:

    okay, so are you saying its okay to make fun of someones appearance as a joke? she knows people watch her every move. little kids look up to her. for all we know little 7 year olds or whatever could think that its okay to mock peoples appearance. i dont know what kind of mind you have thinking that its no big deal to hurt others. people like you make me sick.

  132. This is stupid. For all you know, she could have been rubbing her eyes. Ppl take things to the extreme with celebs. Get over it CHINA. Do you know how many kids do that with their eyes picking fun. Are they gonna ban us all????

  133. For those of you who “say” you have NEVER done this when you was a child. STOP LYING!!!

  134. doodles says:

    I’ve done this face before, and I’m almost positive everybody else has at least in their youth, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal.. But you have to understand where they’re coming from because it’s like a blow to their culture.

    What I absolutely DON’T agree with, however, is Yang Jiechi’s statement about “polluting children’s minds with American ignorance”. It’s not necessary to stereotype the whole of America off of one young girl’s actions, and to me it just made him look ignorant to me.

    There are good people out there, they just don’t get noticed.

  135. marce says:

    come on! shes just messing around having fun. she has an asian friend sitting next to her. shes obviously didnt mean to be racist. they are being too dramatic

  136. Morrise says:

    Oh who cares, let it go Chinese people.

  137. mikayla says:

    fuck no i always go…
    Chinese- Japanese – dirt knees look at these(boobs) so i don’t fucking give a crap about the Chinese i don’t give a shit oooh she did a Chinese face lets ban her from china
    u Chinese fucks are bitches

  138. That One Kid says:

    Miley Cyrus is one super racist motherfucker. she is definently going to hell for that, thats all i have to say.

  139. miley cyrus is soooo racist! how dare she makka a funn of tehh faasss!!!! and on top of that its all her fault that they sterotype america!

    next thing you know justin bieber will be banned from the world! *crosses fingers and hopes it happens*

  140. FuckUMikayla says:

    i dont no where ur from bitch and i dont even wanna no but right now ur being a fuckin racist cunt. U bitch have no life on being racist and hey she could also make her lips look big if shes next to a black friend or speak bitch language when shes next to a spanish. Everybody is so fuckin racist like u and didnt martin luther king taught us to not judge on our stereotypes and how we look like so stop being an immature ass and act more mature u bitch. (P.S. You could include Miley Cyrus as a bitch now that she learned her lessons)

  141. Kimberly Tim says:

    u fuckin bitches who say miley cyrus is havin some fun. She is a fuckin racist bitch! so STFU ppl who loves miley cyrus okay!? I stopped liking her bcuz she is ugly, have no fuckin talent, and she is UGLY!!!!! And I noticed that she is racist! How dare her! Chinese ppl arent stpd! Miley is stpd!!! She is gay!!! Chinese ppl have the rights to ban miley cyrus bcuz she is one racist gay bitch!!!!!! And YAY! ASIANS HATE HER!!!! YUP, WE ASIANS HATE HER!!!

  142. Kimberly Tim says:

    That is called racist. Unless u r a hater of asians too? Plz… can u grow up?

  143. Kimberly Tim says:

    that isnt a mistake dude

  144. MileyCyrussux says:

    Didnt Miley Cyrus learned her lesson? Usually young kids do that cuz they are immature and not no any better but Miley Cyrus is a grown whore to no whats right or wrong so Miley Cyrus should be banned from China for racism and especially cuz it was an “party” photo for 2009 and why do u care about her life anyway for going to China? Me, I care cuz she was racist which includes many ppl in the world. Miley Cyrus is also known as a “slut” and a “bitch.” So stfu the picture includes everybody doing it behind the asian dude which proves Miley did it on purpose.

  145. I’m moving to china!!!!!!!!

  146. yo_its_meh says:

    omg! u guys should NOT banned her! she could have been just waking up and rubbing her eyes! EVER THOUGHT OF THAT?! wow..

  147. are you serious? yes so EVERYONE was rubbing their eyes at the same time? your probaly 11 or something. im glad she’s banned from china but i pity the children who wanted to see that slut. she is a celeb and knows that doing that would be a BIG mistake.

  148. I hate ignorance says:

    So you are predjudice against gay people and ugly people? Maybe we should ban you from coming out in public all together.

  149. Becky says:

    I think she is just playing around … i bet she was just messing but with the public every were she turns she probably needed to have some fun so i say tht she WASN’T being racist at all … xxx

  150. ladyof missouri says:

    she knows better that doin that in the internet it will against or being racist. There is not just China it includes everyone of an Asian people who has slanted eyes. They have the right not letting her to perform in china. Anybody that is Asian would be upset and terrified

  151. ladyof missouri says:

    she is being stupid playing around with Asian people. I hope she pays for it. That’s why her family is falling apart. Now look at her she is falling too like a falling leaf

  152. Jacob says:

    Everyone has done it at least once in their lifetime. She just lives with everyone watching her every move. If I did it it would be no big deal.

  153. Miley did not deliberately intend to insult people of Asian heritage. The Chinese goverment should lift their ban on Miley from entering Chna. I am sure Miley does not have any racist feelings toward people of Asian ethnicity.

    If anyone should be banned from entering China, it is the extremely racist and anti-semitic Tom Metzger, who is the founder and leader of the hate group, White Aryan Resistance!

  154. yea ppl i did that when i was 6 (jus jokin around) but this fugly girl was pretty much bullyin the asain guy wit her fugly friends she deserved 2 be banned!

  155. rifjwoi says:

    oh my fucking god!!!!!!!!!!!! shes in a picture!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* and shes … shes … slanting her eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* TIME TO BAN THE FAMOUS CELEBRITY FROM CHINA!!!!!

  156. MelanieIDontCare says:

    “… Her AMERICAN ignorance”? That right there is racist, buddy. He was implying that all Americans are ignorant, judging us by our race. I swear, people jump on celebrities the second they can, but when someone else is actually being racist, they couldn’t care less.

  157. MelanieIDontCare says:

    Sure, sure. Never mind the 12 other people in the picture doing the EXACT SAME THING. Let’s only focus on — and ban, I mean heck, why stop at focus? — what ever Miley Cyrus is doing. -_-

  158. natasha says:

    it’s definitely racist

  159. Chinaisstupid says:

    Haha I love how the chinese people are offended by the picture…..ya know ..

  160. Squiggles says:

    China has family Guy and south park played over there and they think Miley Cyrus is racist for slanting her eyes? China says her “American ignorance”, should that not be considered racist as well?
    Do not argue that she knows how she’s expected to act because who honestly acts how others expect them to act?
    It seems everyone thinks this behavior is outrageous because she’s a Disney star… Uhm.. should’ve learned from Lindsey lohan.
    I HATE Miley Cyrus and hopes she falls out of fame just like Lindsey Logan did, but for gods sake banning her for being racist, and being racist yourself while doing so. Idiocracy.

  161. So, if Miley Cyrus had blackface on, would she and the rest of her supporters merely pass that off as a “goofy face”? Give me a break. People seem to hold different standards when it comes to Asians. The fact of the matter is that what Miley Cyrus did was racist and indefensible. Period.

  162. Well I have to say that it is offensive, but who hasn’t done something like that before? BUT, when you live in the public eye you have to be politically correct and look at what else she has done, just saying.

    Pretty much I now want to go live in China because I AM tired of her encouraging young girls to act slutty and be materialistic. And as a teenage girl myself I am tired of hearing her music and drama, and we almost had to do a cheer routine to “Can’t Be Tame.” Worst song ever. Thank kami I am making up a routine to some music!

    ^_^ Sora (Yes you cannot know my real name because that would be creepy)

  163. *some real music

  164. Daniel Tosh says:

    She deserves it. She’s just becoming a filthy whore.

  165. Required: Name says:

    Some of these comments are the one ”she deserves it she’s a filthy whore”. Can I just ask why? and what does that have to do with this articule? and the one bout her teaching girls to be slutty? Many young girls look up to britany spears and she dresses in barley nothingIm 13 and love Miley.Doesnt mean I would dress like her.So she wheres shorts and has her bra on show.U do that at the beach.I think maybe you all need to grow up and leave Her alone.She’s having fun.Not being racistdeal with it

  166. John Carera says:

    First of all, she is almost an adult. It’s understandable for children of six years old to do the face, since they’re exploring the differences between them and their classmates. Secondly, SHE’S A CELEBRITY. Famous people can’t just go around making racist gestures. If they had the slightest ounce of intelligence, they would’ve realized that their actions have a huge impact on many people. And last, having an Asian friend DOES NOT automatically make you “not racist”.

    I believe that the Chinese government is justified in banning her from their country.

  167. Natalie says:

    I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus so my opinion may seem kind of biased, however the American society has had problems about prejudist acts before. If a celebrity who is supposed to be representing America reinstates that we are “all a bunch of racist bitches” then i think the offended party has more then enough of a right to ban the person from their country and any reminders of the offender. would you like it if a random person on tv just randomly says oh all you pieces of white shit should just go to hell or said ohmehgawd tiffany that looks like totally so cute! you wouldnt want that person in your country too wouldnt you? so the chinese arent going to far with this…. also wouldnt the younger generation feel self conscious because of their eyes if person who they look up to mocks them? i find what she did horrible. she should already be aware of the situation she is and be more cautious.

  168. Kevin says:

    You must be Chinese..

  169. Kevin says:

    Your grammar makes you sound ignorant..

  170. Good on China. Looks like smart Chinese people know what they are doing.

    I hope they’ll ban this dumb shameless self-centred idiot in my country as well. Little girls look up to her and all they care about is boyfriends, being ‘populaaar’, hiding your true self to please others. It is really sad what Disney has turned into.

  171. bitch says:

    Miley Cyrus music make me feel like to burn my ears off. Be careful it can kill you…….

  172. EmmaReid says:

    She is not being racist she is a teen girl and is just having a laugh with her friends, i can see why people would be annoyed with this but lets be serious, who hasnt done this before? just because shes a celebrity she gets criticised for it and a BAN???? very very unfair

  173. TANYA says:

    omg she is not racist how the hell could you say that she was just having a bit of fun andf you took i the wrong way so i think that banning her from china is disgraseful!!

  174. TANYA says:


  175. mileys back says:

    All of yall Miley Haters ONE Saying “FUCK U ALL, YALL SUM FUCKIN DUMBASS”. Serioualy? yy u tryin tah get d best out of her. QUESTION? if it was u who was doing wat she did and it was postd on internet, ii am 100% fukin sure dat none of yall will get any fuckin complaints about racist. Yall so negative, Mileys human and she cant be perfect everytime. GOSH yall fuckin medias leave her alone.

  176. Let’s get her back on track…

  177. Mahshid says:

    I think Miley was jus havin a lil fun she didn’t seem to mean any thing bad she was jus having a little Fun like we all do!!!!!!

  178. Vanita says:

    China takes everything to the extreme. The Chinese media goes as far as to make white people look bad by portraying them as evildoers; e.g murders, rapists, manipulators. They’re prejudice against everyone, including every other Asian nations. They feel they’re superior.

  179. Violet says:

    It’s not like she’s the only human to have ever made fun of Asians. Everyone has does it.
    “You know God has a sense of humor because he created Asian people.”
    Asians look dramatically different from the rest of the world. Everyone else has normal eyes…
    Plus, it’s weird how they have flat faces and look somewhat like monkeys.
    Poor Miley.

  180. proud smiler says:

    Seriously do you all not think this has gone far enough? Its turned into a free for all on here now, some of these comments are disgusting! Have an opinion but their really is no need to bully Miley in the process. She is a kind hearted person who uses her fame and fortune to help others, she doesn’t encourage young girls to dress like sluts at all, she inspires them to be true to themselves and to care for others and the planet! If children are dressing slutty then Miley isn’t to blame for that, bad parenting is, keeping other peoples children in line is not her in her job description! She is a beautiful person inside and out so do you know what China……its your loss!!

  181. You’re kidding me right dude when I was in 4th grade me and my friends would do stuff like that all the time we even used to have a little saying to go with stuff yeah well I sorta regret it now but we were just having fun. Well see if I went and put a picture of me doing that silly face with all my friends I wouldn’t get banned from china! Just leave the poor girl alone sure she has made some bad mistakes but she is human, you can’t blame her *nobody’s perfect*

  182. hahahha she deserves that she should know that that crap will happen she need to know that people will see that and if they do she needs to think of what the consistences will be

  183. harry says:

    I hope for her to have a nice trip and i think this is grea for all the asian

  184. melissa says:


    I LOVE MILEY CYRUS OK, so who fuckin cares!!!! i do the same shit!!!
    r u gonna put it in the newspaper??????

    shes not racist! ur mum is

  185. yeh right fcking bitch. if you were from china would you say that slut? okay maybe miley didn’t mean anything , but you bitch should go to hell of your low racist behavings with no personality whatever!

  186. James says:

    Well, what she did was wrong. But she robs dosen’ hate Asians. I mean her brother is married to Brenda Song


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