Miley Cyrus On Set Filming Sex and The City 2

Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall on Sex and the City 2 SetThere has been a lot of talk recently over the rumours which were recently confirmed that Miley Cyrus will be staring in Sex and The City 2.

And yesterday, Miley Cyrus joined Kim Cattrall and the cast on set to do her first scene for the movie. Miley and the cast were filming a red carpet scene at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, October 16th 2009.

Miley was filming a non-speaking scene which saw her walking down the red carpet in a dress identical to the one that Kim Cattrall’s character purchased for the event to look ‘hot and young.”

Miley and Kim were seen wearing the matching strapless silver sequined dresses, with jeweled tops and black studded belts, paired with matching brown knee high boots. Miley Cyrus’ dark blonde hair and Kim Cattrall’s honey blonde shoulder length hair was also similarly styled with bottom waves.

Upon seeing Miley, Mario Cantone’s character Anthony exclaims, “Mother of God: She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus has always claimed to be a huge fan of Sex and the City, and made it known that she’d be interested in acting in a teen version of the franchise. Now she’s acting in the adult version, along with Kim and the rest of the cast.

Miley Cyrus on Sex and the City 2 Set

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