Miley Cyrus Parodies Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan on SNL

Miley Cyrus has proven to the world that her gig at Hannah Montana wasn’t a fluke, as the teen singer-slash-actress parodies her showbiz colleagues on Saturday Night Live. It seems like she does have a funny bone in her.

Among those that Miley copied almost to a tee includes teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber. Interestingly, the role of Miley herself was played by SNL veteran Vanessa Bayer. In the sketch, the fake Miley pokes fun at Miley’s southern accent – while the real Miley, playing Bieber, mimic his crotch grabbing mannerism perfectly. When being asked by the fake Miley, the fake Bieber only replied with a wink and a smile.

In other sketch, Miley sport a blonde wig to portray Lindsay Lohan – making fun the fact that her last successful movie was released almost than 5 years ago.

Miley also sang a song called “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Perfect”. Basically, the lyric explain how all the supposedly bad things that Miley did were mild compared to the shenanigans that other stars have gotten themselves into.

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