Miley Cyrus Pictured With Strange Scratch Marks

Miley Cyrus was pictured with some mysterious cut marks on her inner wrist, raising speculation that the singer/actress may be cutting herself.

Rumors began when published some photos which showed the strange scars as Miley 19, was leaving a Pilates center on Thursday. These scars could reveal the controversial star is into cutting herself.

Seth Meyers, a psychologist based in Los Angeles said that Miley’s self cutting could indicate that the she’s troubled emotionally and have to deal with feelings more than she can cope. Besides this kind behavior can also be sign to get other’s attention.

Earlier, when Miley bared her new presidential quote tattoo on her left arm she had three scars. Now on July 12, she was photographed with four crisp cut marks on her left wrist.

The Last Song, star has been getting herself a lot of attention lately, by scantily dressing in media shows and going out in public and posing for risky photos. In Addition, Dr. Meyers also said that women who cut themselves are frequently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Miley in recent photos days lost looked thin by losing weight and this overly new skinny appearance can be fueling some emotional issues.

In response Miley insisted that she does NOT mutilate herself, but she didn’t say anything about the mystery marks either

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