Miley Cyrus Poses With Playboy And Drinks Tequila In New York City

Miley Cyrus has been hanging out in NYC this week and enjoyed two scandalous- looking at naughty Dolly Parton in Playboy magazine and drinking booze of course.

The ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer posted a picture on Twitter on Tuesday, where she reportedly gulped down shots of Patron Tequila and partying at Electric Room until early hours of the day.

Though most 19-years-olds would keep themselves invisible from getting caught like this in a bar, but this is Miley! The former Disney star danced proudly in the VIP areas couches all night and maybe she made her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, 22, a bit jealous too. Why? Because she smooched a brunette girlfriend of hers on the lips!
Since, as Miley isn’t new to this, we can bet Liam is going to see more of Miley mingling with the girls in days to come.

However, its known fact that Miley is hasn’t reached the drinking age. Obviously, the bar a welcomed her in as she was a celebrity, but that its illegal we all know!

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