Miley Cyrus Posts Video on Suicide Prevention Advert for Charity…

Miley Cyrus has drawn a lot of criticism over the last 18 months. What with the Miley Cyrus Scandals and all the bad press, it’s sometimes easy to forget that this is only a 17-year-old girl who is doing her best to deal with being in the spotlight all of her life.

But regardless of all the scandals, I give full credit and praise to Miley Cyrus for putting her name to a non-profit community which aims to prevent suicide. ‘To Write Love on Her Arms‘ is an amazing movement dedicated to finding hope and help for people who are struggling with depression, addictions, self-injury and suicide. And the charity is in with an opportunity at winning $1 million through the Chase Community Giving program.

If ‘To Wire Love on Her Arms wins, they will launch IMAlive, which is a live online crisis network which provides real-time online crisis support to millions of people in need. It will offer one-on-one sessions with trained staff members through an online instant messaging service. IMAlive is hoping to launch later this year.

Checkout the video below which shows that Miley Cyrus is putting her name to the campaign, and is encouraging all her fans to vote for the To Write Love On Her Arms, which will put them in the running for the $1 million prize, and make a direct and instant connection with people who want to take their own life.

Well done Miley Cyrus for getting involved, and using your celebrity status for a good cause.

Miley Cyrus Suicide Prevention Video

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