Miley Cyrus praises Pharrell Williams dubbing him, “Big brother for life”

miley cyrus pharrell williams

Miley Cyrus is striving very hard lately for her upcoming album as desires it to be the best one she ever worked on. So, she teamed up with music producers which aren’t usual for her music genre. Among the producers she has been working is Pharrell Williams who she has a great deal of respect.

So, the former Hannah Montana star shared a special moment with Pharrell on Saturday by sending out a tweet to her fans, “You can’t deny what @Pharrell and I have together. #LOVE=MAGIC Big brother for life.”

Even though most of her fans don’t know that the duo has been regularly working on her next album. However, Pharrell has been spotted on Miley’s Twitter photos and she wasn’t shy to dish out the fact that his musical influence will be present on her new unreleased album.

Of course, Miley’s fans will be than just excited to see that the two artists might come up with a smashing hit that will climb the top the charts.

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