Miley Cyrus Gets Creamed as Onstage Prank Backfires

Miley Cyrus tried to play a prank on one of her backing dancers in Manchester concert while on the Miley Cyrus UK Tour this week.

Just before ending the concert on Monday night to a capacity crowd of 23,000 people at Manchester’s MEN Arena, the sexy young pop star handed a hat filled with whipped cream to one of her dancers.

The male dancer put the hat on his head which covered him in white cream, much to the amusement of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus. But the dancer managed to have the last laugh, as he threw the cream-filled hat back at Cyrus, covering her bum in white cream. She also made the mistake of putting the hat on her head, covering her in the white sticky stuff.

Miley Cyrus finished the song, Party In the USA, before explaining her antics to the cheering crowd. She said: “That was supposed to be my prank on someone else.

But it didn’t quite work out the way Miley wanted, as an assistant had to run out on stage to hand the young star a towel, and wipe the cream from her hair.

Miley Cyrus Cream Prank on Stage

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5 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Gets Creamed as Onstage Prank Backfires”

  1. bethany

    This Was the best concert ever =) miley was awsome

  2. Butterfly

    how funny, Miley always seems to have fun no matter what, and some people hate her, and others love her, and if you knowest its the haters that pay more attention to the little things, and we tend to enjoy the show entirly. Love you Miley, great job, but dance steps need to improve big time.<3

  3. leisha

    haha funny iwish she had done that when i went on the 13th december

  4. abby(:

    i was there, it was funny 😀

  5. katheryn

    errr if you dont like her, why are you EVEN on this website?!

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