Miley Cyrus Puts On A Backless T-Shirt While Visiting Her Fiancé Liam Hemsworth

There are two things that go hand to hand for Miley Cyrus – camera phones and revealing clothes.
And yeah, we forgot something, Liam Hemsworth, her future husband.

The camera phones have been busy round the clock documenting every haircut Miley had over the weeks but the former Disney star’s weird and revealing clothes have also seems to have their share of attention.

No wonder Miley Cyrus has been dropped from the “American Idol” judging list .

On a recent tour to Philadelphia to visit her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, where he is filming for his latest movie Paranoia, she wore a T-shirt which had its back sliced off so that we mere mortals can have the opportunity to have a peek at her 19-year-old hotness, once again.

Besides that backless T-shirt, Miley adorned her ears with some huge hoop earrings, a pair of jeggings and some necklaces and black boots.

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