Miley Cyrus Removed Tattoo For Liam Hemsworth?

Is Liam Hemsworth influencing Miley Cyrus’s carefree lifestyle? Or is she acting like a mature adult? Seems like it. First of all she chose to wear underwear while hanging out in public and started to dress a little more decently and stopped flashing. Now she was seen her rushing out from a tattoo removal clinic and hurrying to her car.

So, Miley Cyrus 19, went to a tattoo removal clinic to obviously get “one” of her many tattoos lasered out. Miley has a lot of ink on her skin, so we continue to wonder which tattoo was she decided to get removed and why did she do it. Not in the mood to face the paparazzi, she quickly hoped into her car and left the premise.

So it feels like this high flying Hollywood pair is having a sort of influence on each other. So it’s not hard to assume that Liam persuaded Miley to get a tattoo removed. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got engaged last month on May 30.

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