Miley Cyrus Reported To Take Up a Role in the Paranormal Thriller WAKE

All of us now pretty much into the fact that 17-years old Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus moving faster than other similar celebrities around her. After the latest photo scandals by Perez Hilton which she replied back calling the gossip writer an Idiot, Miley Cyrus reported to sign a deal to take up a role in a paranormal thriller called “WAKE”. The thriller is based on a story of a teenager who accidentally drawn into other peoples dream. Thriller was written by the Lisa McMann.

Looks like Miley Cyrus currently busy trying her every bit of luck to become a Hollywood megastar and she doesn’t mind to go for any sort of role in any entertainment business. All she cares about media which made her one of the highest earning teen celebrity of all time.

What do you think about Miley’s huge move on thriller? You think she will well or average? It’s up to her fan. So let them decide what they think about Miley Cyrus.

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One Thought to “Miley Cyrus Reported To Take Up a Role in the Paranormal Thriller WAKE”

  1. katheryn

    i’ve read the book, and i wouldn’t class it as a thriller. Just as i wouldn’t class twilight as a horror, so beats me how they think of these genres lol.
    Miley would be great in the part, if she was to be offered it and she took it. ii need to read the next two of the books, but i did enjoy the first. 🙂

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