Miley Cyrus reveals her immaturity with Liam Hemsworth while filming music video

Miley Cyrus filmed her new music video at Los Angeles’s Bleacher’s Madhouse and at Roosevelt Hotel and she did this too with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth on the set.

According to Miley Cyrus, reports saying that Liam wanted to quit it because he reported that Miley is immature didn’t hold ground, as he is as “silly and childish” as she is. The former Disney star revealed this on an interview on Friday.

EntertainmentWise.con suggested that Liam and Miley’s behavior during filming the video was kind of odd, mostly when it comes to Miley. She reportedly performed a strip tease for the crew in between shots. She was also wearing a tiny leather shorts while shooting the video and Liam dressed up like a unicorn.
In a scene, Miley is seen jumping out of a cake and making out with the unicorn in the video. Miley kissing a unicorn scene is comical saying the least.

So, if fans think Miley Cyrus is being immature, well think again Liam Hemsworth is no mature either.

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