Miley Cyrus Scammed On Punk’d

Miley Cyrus thought that she was going to play a trick on Justin Bieber. Turns out the joke was on her. Bieber said that he could not be punked and that he was going to brawl with some actors to make it appear that Miley’s scheme had gone wrong. Miley was going to have the skateboarders confront Justin when he parked in their skateboarding spot. One of the actors pushes Justin, which sets him into a rage and he starts kicking the actors. He then realizes what he had done, and runs off so he does not get caught by the law. Bieber then came back after Miley was paniced and told Miley she could not outdo him. Miley was not admused and chased him around for a few minutes before she accepted the fact that she was punked. The show aired last night on MTV. Miley was not the only star to get punked by Justin Bieber. He also punked Taylor Swift and Sean Kingston.

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