Miley Cyrus Sending Dirty Text Messages to Rock Star

Aw, Miley’s all grown up from her Disney days. The teen singer is reportedly has been sending dirty text messages to the bassist of Kings of Leon – Jared Followill. Is this a beginning of a (short) beautiful story between the two unlikely couple?

Apparently, the flame, which was first started when they met backstage at MTV Europe Music Award in November, was rekindled when Miley met the bassist again at the after-party of her SNL gig on Saturday night last week. Miley was seen hanging out with the rock star, as well with a couple of friends. According to on-lookers, the two were getting quite cozy with each other.

As for Miley’s cot text messages, Jared seems to be a fan of them. Allegedly, Jared has been sharing the text messages with his friends. He has good things to say about Miley as well, admitting that she’s very pretty.

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