Miley Cyrus, Earning $50 Million a Year Slams Paparazzi – AGAIN!!!

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus dislikes the paparazzi. Earlier last year Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter after she felt her tweets were being used by the media to create negative stories about the 17-year-old star.

But Miley took to the official Miley Cyrus Website yesterday to complain about the swarms of paparazzi that seem to invade her life. She blasted the photographers who hound her so relentlessly.

Miley Cyrus said: “Honestly I am so over these photographers! I went to the salon to visit my buddy Scott and bring him a snack and it turned in to total chaos! After I saw him I went with his best friend Fisher to a store he works at and when I was leaving there was at least 30 photographers. Its really scary for me, especially being a new driver! Sorry I’m venting but somehow I feel like my fans are the only people I can talk to. I love you guys I really miss Nashville today….

And to be completely fair, you can’t really blame her. It’s hard enough to be a new driver, but when you have 30-odd cars and motorbikes chasing you to get pictures, it must be terrifying.

But that is the cost of fame and fortune Miley. You asked for this life, you are happy enough to take $50 million a year salary, so you have to be prepared to accept the paparazzi and media who follow you.

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