Miley Cyrus Spotted With New Engagement Ring – Ready to Marry???

Well if this story is actually true, it could be the first sign that Miley Cyrus is going down the Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan / Paris Hilton route?

But here goes, Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing a new engagement ring recently. published photos of Miley Cyrus with a sparkler on her left ring finger, and immediately tongues started wagging that she has got engaged to Liam Hemsworth, her 19-year-old hunky co-star from The Last Song.

And apparently a source close to Miley tells E! News that Miley is set on becoming a young bride. But to be fair, this is pushing it a bit far, even by Miley Cyrus’ standards. While Miley is saying farewell to Hannah Montana, I can’t see her wanting to get married at the young age of 17. And I cant see her parents agreeing to it either.

A second insider has different claims though. He says he has “confirmed” that Miley is NOT engaged, but she’s “totally in love” and thinks that Liam Hemsworth is “the one.

So what do you think guys? Does the Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring mean she is planning to go down the eisle at the young age of 17? Or does it mean something else? Comments below please…

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8 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Spotted With New Engagement Ring – Ready to Marry???”

  1. Jade

    i doubt she is engaged. loads of people wear rings on that finger and it dont mean they are engaged.

  2. Milez

    She wears a purity ring could be that?

  3. Gabriella Welford

    I doubt she will get married at such a young age, she isn't stupid. And the same road as Britney? Cmon, don't make me laugh! Miley has her priorities right, she will go so much further than Britiney, And the ironic thing is; I used to LOVE Britney, now I LOVE Miley :')

  4. katheryn

    lots of people wear different rings on all sorts of fingers lol. doesnt mean they are engaged. frankly i cant see billy ray letting her even consider it anyway haha

  5. Mell

    It's a promise ring.
    Liam bort it for her.
    She has replaced her purity ring with it and her father flippe.d.
    They are now saying it is possibly engagement ring
    saying she thinks he is the one and friends say they can here the wedding bells ringing.

  6. Kerri Schwegel

    I don't think she's gonnna get married at 17. She could possibly wait until she's 18, or even 19 before she get married officially. But she could be engaged? It's basically the same ting as any person marrying their high school sweet heart. I think it's sweet, and totally cute(:

  7. Anglic Butterfly

    LMAO, but it’s true, either purity ring, or promise ring it’s gorgeouse

  8. Karen

    Omfg Miley can’t get married at a young age?? It’s probably just a promise ring? 😛 lol my cousin has a promise ring! she is definetly not getting married!!!

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