Miley Cyrus Spotted Without Her Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus PicturesSpeculations surrounding whether Miley Cyrus is still engaged with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth took a new turn this week.

On Wednesday (March 6) the former Hannah Montana star tweeted fiercely that she didn’t call off her wedding as the rumors say. She also announced that she’s taking a break from social media and reminded all that her new music will make everyone “shut up”.

But later on Wednesday, Miley was pictured outside her recording studio in Los Angeles without her engagement ring Liam gave her when he proposed to her, according to People.

On Thursday (March 7), a source near to Miley told People that she still wants to get married. The source reported that the pair always maintained a very passionate relationship. They both have strong physical attraction to one another, but they have very different personalities and this makes their relationship very complicated, the source added.

Rumors surrounding Miley and Liam’s relationship surfaced after the Us Weekly magazine in its March 18 issue reported that they have called off their wedding plans.

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  1. […] Miley and Liam’s relationship has been on the rocks after reports came out that Liam has reportedly kissed actress January Jones at the Oscar’s party and Miley has been spotted not wearing her engagement ring. […]

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