Miley Cyrus Takes a Stand on Twitter

It would seem like whenever singer Miley Cyrus tries to do right, she ends up doing wrong. Miley has been very vocal for the last few weeks on varied topics and this time we believe she has struck a nerve with some of her fans. According to reports Miley acknowledged her support for “same sex” marriages when she tweeted a message about that supports this union.  A report said that Miley seem to anger a lot of her fans; one woman in particular tweeted to Miley “what happened to that Christian girl from TN with decent moral values and a lot of heart?” The woman signed her name as “Christian and wife to the greatest guy ever.” 

Miley quickly responded “what an ignorant statement. I don’t have “a lot of heart” cuz I’m not going to be a closed-minded hypocrite?” She ended the tweet by saying “Love is Love, God is Love.” We heard that the Miley was able to calm the angry fan who admitted that maybe gay people can make it to Heaven after all.

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