Miley Cyrus thinks Zayn Malik of One Direction is the “cutest”

Miley Cyrus recently admitted that she had a “girl crush” with Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart. Now, the former Hannah Montana star finds, One Direction singer, Zayn Malik as her favorite out of the pack of the five boys group.

The recently turned 20-year-old gushed, “Zayn Malik is my favorite. I always remember that my friend said me and him have matching hair. I think he’s the cutest.”

According to, the “Can’t Be Tamed” hitmaker first unveiled on Twitter in the summer that she has a crush on Zayn Malik and wrote that she stalked Zayn with her friends on Twitter for an hour.

However, Liam Hemsworth, Miley’s future husband need not worry about it, as Zayn Malik is currently in a relationship with 21-year-old Perrie Edwards, who is also a singer.

Miley Cyrus is very happy to spend the rest of her life with Liam Hemsworth.

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