Miley Cyrus to come back again at “Two and a Half Men”

There is no denying that Miley Cyrus appearance as a guest star at the sitcom, “Two and a Half Men” not only brought enthusiasm on the set, and she even managed to increase the ratings of the comedy show as well.

Now, “Two and a Half men” actor Angus T. Jones has hinted that he really want to have the former Disney star back on the set, only if she wants to.
On Tuesday, Angus talked about his experience working with the singer and said he will happier if she came back to guest star again.

This is what he dished out about Miley Cyrus, “She is extremely talented, extremely hilarious and she’s an awesome person to have on set.”
With that kind of recommendation who can resist not to come back on the set?

Well, there are still no plans whether Miley will return to the show. It’s up to the writers to decide if she should come back and to what provision.
Nonetheless, with “Two and a Half Men” scoring big on ratings ever for this season, it would definitely be advantageous for the producers and writer to bring Miley again.

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