Miley Cyrus to Make Records with Nick Jonas

Disney princes and “Can’t be tamed” singer Miley Cyrus planning to produce a duet music with her former lover Nick Jonas, according to the source. Although the relationship between Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are considered to be over long time ago, they still have a very good working relationship and a good friend.

Music produce Shakur Green is taking the responsibility of bring both Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas to this secret project. Shakur Green also tweeted this and mentioned that this project would be one of the best in 2011.

Details of this project still a secret and it has been speculated that a full album might be produce with Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. All Miley Cyrus fans are really excited about what it could bring. Maybe it could be a new start of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas relationship.

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