Miley Cyrus To Replace Kara DioGuardi as Judge

Hannah Montana and Kara DioGuardiAmerican Idol recently found itself a new judge, as Paula Abdul quit over a pay row, and Ellen DeGeneres was brought in to replace her.

On America’s Top Talent, the judges have also been changed, as Kara DioGuardi is replaced by teen superstar Miley Cyrus.

Luckily for Kara fans though, it’s only for one episode of the made-up show, America’s Top Talent.

Sexy judge Kara DioGuardi guest stars in a new episode of Hannah Montana, which is due to be aired on October 18th 2009. In the episode, Hannah Montana replaces Kara on the judging panel, and sits along other judges Andy and Byron.

As usual for Hannah Montana though, things turn complicated when Oliver auditions, and delivers a knock-out performance.

Be sure to hit up the Disney Channel on Sunday October 18th 2009 to catch the ‘Judge Me Tender’ episode of Hannah Montana.

Kara DioGuardi on Hannah Montana – Judge Me Tender

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