Miley Cyrus To Shed Teen Image and Become a Sex Symbol

Ever since Miley Cyrus started her sold-out Wonder World Tour, it’s been widely reported that she is clearly trying to shed her teen image, and cut any ties with her innocent Hannah Montana Disney character.

But today news dropped that Miley Cyrus wants to follow in the footsteps of Blake Lively, by shedding her teen image and becoming a sex symbol. The 17-year-old Hannah Montana actress is said to be tired of playing the popular teen sensation.

Sources say: “She wants to break out and become a sex symbol, just like her new pal, Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. She idolises her. In her mind, she’s done being Hannah Montana. She wants to be a sexy pop star.

Well you are halfway there Miley, because you are already an incredibly sexy pop star!! The source continued by saying: “Blake is a star of a hit show, she’s beautiful, is a fashion risk-taker and her long sexy legs and long blonde locks have made her one of the sexiest women in television. Miley has the long legs and the hit TV show – now she’s styling her hair like Blake! They actually look like they could be related.

As i have always maintained on this website, be very wary of “insiders / sources” who refuse to give their name and go on record. While the above could be true, is very hard to validate whether Miley is indeed vying to become the next sex symbol. As i said, Miley Cyrus has the looks, so its very possible. I guess we’ll have to watch this space.

What do you think? Checkout our Miley Cyrus Pictures to see if she could be a sex symbol, or is she already a sex symbol?

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