Miley Cyrus to Star in Supernatural Thriller Movie

In a bid to shake off her Disney persona, Miley Cyrus is on the lookout for even darker roles compared to her Hannah Montana days. It is reported that Miley Cyrus is to star in the movie Wake, which itself is an adaptation of a novel by Lisa McMann.

The supernatural thriller movie tells a story of a teenager that suffers from narcolepsy, which enables her to enter the dream of the person that she passes within a close distance. That sounds right spooky to us. 

If this sounds a bit like the movie Inception, it won’t really be. The dreams that Miley enter will be varied. 

The movie is spearheaded by Christopher Landon — famous for his works on Paranormal Activity 2 and Disturbia. Speaking about casting Miley for the leading part, Landon said the movie will make the perfect vehicle for her — moving her up to a role that will make her be taken seriously more in Hollywood.

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