Miley Cyrus Tour at Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City

Miley Cyrus Tour in Salt Lake City 2009Miley Cyrus and her team rolled into the Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City with the Wonder World Tour on September 29th 2009, and the concert didn’t go to plan.

Miley Cyrus started the show with a bang, and all seemed to be going well, until during her performance of 7 Things, she suddenly ran off stage in the middle of the song, leaving the dancers, musicians, and audience bemused as to what was happening.

The backup singers did a fantastic job of continuing to sing the song, and when finished, Miley’s stage manage told the audience that Miley was feeling ill and had the flu, and that she would return to finish the concert after a short break.

Luckily for the audience, that’s exactly what she did. She finished the entire concert, and did so very well. What followed in the days after the Miley Cyrus Concert in Salt Lake City was news that Miley had ‘Strep Throat’, which meant she had to cancel and reshedule three concerts from the Wonder World Tour.

Miley is now back to full health and kicked off the Miley Cyrus Tour in Michigan this evening, October 6th 2009. Do enjoy the pictures below from the Miley Cyrus Concert at the Energy Solutions Arena.

Miley Cyrus Tour in Salt Lake City 2009

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