Miley Cyrus Tour at Sprint Center Paperless Ticket Problems for Fans

Miley Cyrus Tour in Salt Lake City 2009When Miley Cyrus announced earlier this year that she would be going on the road again, fans around the world couldn’t have been happier. Shortly after the Miley Cyrus Tour announcement, it was also revealed that the tours organizers would be utilizing a paperless-ticketing system, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Now Miley Cyrus fans who booked tickets for The Sprint Center on October 3rd 2009 are finding out what it’s like to be on entertainments cutting edge. It seems that when Cyrus cancelled tour dates last week due to illness, fans weren’t sure how they stood with replacement tickets, or if they could get refunds due to not being able to make it to the rescheduled tour dates.

Those who can’t make it to the rescheduled concert wont be able to sell their tickets to a friend. The new paperless tickets means that the original buyer ‘MUST’ show up in person with a credit card and a government issued ID in hand.

Shani Tate, of the Sprint Center said: “We realize the process is different than normal. The Sprint Center cannot promise to fix every ticket holders problem, but we will try our best to help.”

The Miley Cyrus Wonder World Tour is groundbreaking in a few different ways. It’s the first tour which has gone completely paperless, and as such, is the first time the system’s had to deal with rescheduling issues.

So what do fans need to know about the situation of not being able to make the new tour dates. There are a few choices:

  • People who want refunds for their tickets can obtain them where they bought the tickets – either in person at the Sprint Center or through Ticketmaster. They MUST get refunds before Friday.
  • Ticket purchases can show up at the Sprint Center the night of the concert to swipe their credit card, and let the rest of their party in and then leave.
  • Or they can try to find a way to hand off tickets without being there that night.

The Sprint Center say that last week, “We got calls from hundreds of Miley Cyrus Fans who panicked when they’d mistakenly heard the concert had been cancelled altogether. Many fans are very emotional and have a great passion for the artist.

Those people who are still looking for tickets for the rescheduled Miley Cyrus Tour date at the Sprint Center still have time, as the concert isn’t sold out yet, so call the Sprint Center or Ticketmaster directly.

To cope with extra enquiries on the night of the concert regarding, the original time the doors opened of 7pm has been brought forward to 5pm. The box office will also be fully staffed, and Ticketmaster staff will be on hand to help with enquiries on the night.

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