Miley Cyrus Tour at the Sprint Center, Kansas on October 17th 2009

Miley Cyrus Tour Pictures at Kansas Sprint Center 2009Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus was forced to cancel and reschedule several of the Wonder World Tour concerts due to ill-health, one of those concerts being on October 3rd 2009 in Kansas City Sprint Center.

Following through on her promise not to let her fans down in Kansas, the Miley Cyrus Tour rolled into the Sprint Center, Kansas City on October 17th 2009, playing to a packed-out crowd of 16,000 screaming fans. Miley Cyrus proved she’s still the reigning princess of pop, as she delivered a stunning concert, to a clearly delighted crowd.

The crowd at the sold-out Miley Cyrus Concert in Kansas Sprint Center was half made up of girls, 10 and younger, the other half were girls in the 11-16 range, and the rest being older adolescents and a lot of parents.

Miley Cyrus delivered a spectacle, an elaborate multi-screen video presentation, an army of backup dancers, flying on motorcycles, and a brief tribute to Micheal Jackson. All that paired with multiple costume changes, Miley Cyrus really worked hard to ensure her fans got the concert they were hoping for.

Checkout the pictures below from the Miley Cyrus Tour at the Sprint Center.

Miley Cyrus Wonder World Tour at The Sprint Center, Kansas 2009

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    I went to this concert, it was great but at the time of the concert I was unable to buy a concert shirt in which I wanted very badly. so my question is where can I get one?

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